What we do

We coach and teach leaders to be more agile and adept in making change including navigating the complexities of creating and leading a diverse workforce with all its benefits.

Change Leadership

Reflection + Practice

Momentum requires resistance. Without it birds could not fly, fish could not swim and you couldn’t walk.

Our research-based, field-proven leadership development program integrates self-reflection with real-world practice. It uniquely combines strengths based leadership skills with whole systems change approach – appreciative inquiry.

Your key influencers will efficiently lead change by understanding and engaging resistance skillfully, inclusively with compassion and knowledge.

The emphasis is on participants working on real-time challenges over a period of 90 to 120 days. The curriculum combines individual development, teamwork, problem solving and skills for staying on mission.

Growth Mindset

Voluntary Engagement

Research shows that traditional force-feeding, diversity compliance training programs activate unproductive and costly biases rather than reduce them. But, engaging on a shared purpose creates a voluntarily shift to grow and overcome challenges. 

Our way of enrolling, naturally, by purposeful cross-functional teamwork reinforced by 360°real-world balanced performance feedback measures, has proven particularly effective. 

We customize and measure everything we do. We tune in to our clients’ organization culture and specific needs. We consult and bring iterative, integrative learning designs for use in the field. 

Feedback measures we use include the Intercultural Development Inventory, the Team Diagnostic Assessment, Line of Sight Strategic Indicator and the Diversity and Inclusion Readiness Indicator (DIRI).


Mapping Change


A good map makes all the difference.

Our highly researched, proprietary Diversity and Inclusion Readiness Indicator (DIRI), locates and measures specific points of resistance to change initiatives.

Combining DIRI with change leadership and project and change management practices and tools, gives your key influencers a clear path to repeatable change success.

Conflict Constructively

Ideas Ignite

We help you find your way out of conflict, constructively.  Trying to avoid or snuff out differences only makes matters worse. By our own published research we discovered that resistance plays an important role for building agreement and seeing things in a new, workable way. 

In fact, working constructively with disagreement is a top ingredient to high-performing teams — none can grow and mature without it.

We invite resistance. 

We help you to frame, consider and move through all the important areas of conflict — substantive, psychological and procedural.  

You get durable relationships with resiliency and new ideas that you can put to work, together.