A strong organization sees diversity as an essential strength, rather than a nice to have. 

 I’m Maria Velasco

I bring you an approach that integrates Intellect, Spirit, Body and Emotion. 

I am a strategic organization development and leadership consultant for organizations seeking transformational change. I have over 15 years experience developing and implementing sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to help strengthen and maximize diversity for organizations from a variety of sectors.

My value proposition – reducing bias, increasing cultural competence, promoting inclusion and institutional change.  The result – your strategic advantage.

Not nearly enough attention is paid to the benefits of creating truly diverse and inclusive organzations.

But my work as a consultant and researcher has shown me that the benfits far outweigh the initial challenges.

I know that when we stop paying lip service to diversity and inclusion, and instead recognize it for what it truly is – a competitive advantage and a moral imperative, everything changes.


The Formal Qualifications

Experience & Qulaifications

BA in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Consulting from Fielding University.

Approach & Methodology

I use Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning methodologies to build cultures of inclusion and to foster intercultural understanding. 

Across the spectrum

I  have consulted across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors including education, healthcare, mental health, technology, scientific, government and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S.


Master thesis (2017) focused on defining the role of the transformational leader in leveraging resistance around implementation of diversity and inclusion change initiatives.


Born and raised in Salamanca, Spain and find this gives me a unique perspective when working with US organisations. 

Research & Publications

An adaptation of her Masters Study has been accepted for publication in an international peer-review journal.

It’s going to be challenging and at times uncertain.

but the reward, the passion, and the satisfaction of building something great  surpasses all of that.