Outcomes Matter.

But HOW & WHY you do what you do matter more.

I’m Chris Sansone

I bring you a model of integrating Intellect, Spirit, Body and Emotion

I help organizational leaders move beyond heroics and operate from a place of inclusive leadership.  

Years ago I had a personal awakening about my role in racial discrimination.  As a highly privileged cis-gendered white male, I saw that unconsciously, my own biases were playing out. I wasn’t to blame but, it was my responsibility. So now I am committed to doing something about changing how that happens.  

As a business leader, coach, researcher, consultant and teacher of the Hoffman ProcessI’ve worked with people from all walks of life from CEO’s of multinational corporations, to small business owners, scientists, physicians, celebrities and educators. I’ve supported and witnessed deep transformations.

I have invested myself in a new integrated model that can move us forward as inclusive leaders pursuing a higher purpose, individually and together. 

This means becoming diverse, equitable and inclusive. Because when we include all the voices in the room, the results are remarkable. 

The Formal Qualifications

Experience & Qulaifications

Chris holds an M.S. in Valuation Science and a Ph.D. in Human and Organization Systems.

Former SVP Operations of a national commercial real estate consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 companies.  

Giving Back

Published research on the business case for inclusion, parenting, ethnic identity, race and inclusiveness.

He was Chair of the Reading to End Racism and Parenting Place boards and interim-executive director of Partners Mentoring Youth Boulder County.

Across the spectrum

He has consulted across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors including national scientific research, universities, high-technology, telecommunications and medical.


Professional Coach certification from the Coaches Training Institute  and Prosci certification in change management.  A trained mediator and a certification practitioner of appreciative inquiry. authorized facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment.


Served on the Governor’s State Commission on Child Support in Colorado and the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault Taskforce

Research & Publications

Published feature articles research in the peer reviewed, ‘Organization Development Journal’ on leadership development program design in Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) organizations and leaders using resistance in diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Co-authored an article for the Denver Business Journal making the business case for diversity and inclusion.